Transducer Mounts

Transducer Mounts





Transducer Transom Bracket for Garmin Striker and Echomap transducers




Transducer Transom Bracket for Lowrance SplitShot and TripleShot tranducers




Pontoon mounting strap for Garmin CV20, GT24, GT56



Pontoon mounting strap for Garmin GM20-TM


Contact me if you have a transducer not on this list

Transducer transom brackets are available for Garmin and Lowrance transducers, and a pontoon strap mount is available for Garmin transducers.

If you have a transducer not on the transom bracket list, contact me and I may be willing to design a bracket for your transducer at no cost for the design work.

The transom transducer brackets will likely work on your inflatalble, regardless of boat brand. Contact me if interested in a mount for your inflatable.


1. Specify transom height, 12″ to 16″.

Transom Transducer Brackets


Transom transducer brackets hold your transducer at the correct position relative to the bottom of your transom, and, unlike various side-mounting schemes used on kayaks and inflatables, this method eliminates the need to pull the transducer out of the water when moving at high speed. They attach easily to the transom with C-Clamp which is part of the bracket. This mount also avoids putting holes in your transom to do a direct mount.

Currently these are available for Garmin Striker and Garmin Echomap transducers, and for Lowrance SplitShot and TripleShot. If you have a transducer and would like a bracket made for it, contact me. If you can get the transducer to me, and if it is one that I think would be good to addition to the catalog, I’ll design a mount for it for free (but I will charge you for the mount itself).


The transducer should be placed on the starboard side, far from the motor as practical. There is lower prop turbulence on that side.

To order, I will need to know your transom height where you intend to place the bracket. The bracket will be adjustable up or down 3/4″ from the height you specify. Be aware: if the bracket or transducer are below the transom, then damage can occur to either on dry land. Put the bracket on, and remove it, with water under the transom.

Your sonar result will depend highly on how smoothly water comes off the transom at speed. Inflatables typically are not very good at this, and your sonar image may degrade significantly above some speed, such as 10-12 mph.

Pontoon Transducer Mounts


Garmin transducers can be strapped to a pontoon, moving the transducer a bit further away from the motor.

No other manufacturer’s transducer has a shape that allows pontoon mounting other than Garmin.

When ordering, please specify your Garmin transducer model, as shapes vary a little from model to model.