Track Accessories

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Here you will find a variety of accessories I’ve developed for the BixFish track. If you don’t see what you need, contact me and if it sounds like something that others may want as well, I might agree to develop it for you at no charge.

You can also use accessories from other manufacturers, such as Scotty and YakAttack. Generally, any track accessory mounted with a bolt with a 1/4-20 thread can be attached using accessory bolts I can supply or with some minor modification to the bolt supplied with the product. See below for a RailBlaza Starport HD kit, for example. 

Horizontal Rod Rack System





Tips Holder for Horizontal Rod Rack, 3 rods



Horizontal Rod Rack, 1 plain tube



Horizontal Rod Rack, 2 plain tubes



Horizontal Rod Rack, 3 plain tubes



Horizontal Rod Rack, 1 slotted tube



Horizontal Rod Rack, 2 slotted tubes



Horizontal Rod Rack, 3 slotted tubes



Radio Holder


A Horizontal Rod Rack system consists of one Tips Holder (sold separetely) plus one of the pontoon racks. To purchase, order a Tips Holder (HR01) and one of the Horizontal Rod Racks The pontoon rack may be ordered with 1, 2 or 3 rod positions, with rod tubes that are plain or slotted. The slotted tubes are required for fly rods, and are convenient for spinning rods as the reel stem fits into the slot.

Fishfinder Mounts





Garmin Striker 4" or 5"



Garmin Echomap 6" o 7"



Garmin Echomap 9"



Lowrance Hook 5



Lowrance Hook 7


(Contact me if your finder is not on the list)

Fishfinder Track Mounts

I can supply fishfinder mounts for the finders listed in the price table. If your finder is not on the list, and you can get it to me in San Diego, I may be willing to design a mount for it at no charge, if I think it would be a pupular item to offer in the catalog.

Transom transducer brackets are available for these fishfinders – see the Transducer Mounts section of the catalog. A pontoon strap mount is available for Garmin transducers.

The Garmin mounts are less expensive size for size because they have a built-in rotation feature lacking on other brands., a feature I then need to add to the mount. The larger size finder mounts are more expensive because they are taller, to provide room underneath for the rods in the Horizontal Rod Rack. 

Other Track Accessories





Hanging Bag




GoPro Camera Track Mount




Utility Hooks - Bag of 8



Utility Anchors - Bag of 8



Utility Hooks and Anchors - Bag of 6 each



Heavy Duty Anchors - pair



Scotty 310 Drink Holder Track Adapter



Universal Drink Holder



(1) Supplied with two small carabiners and two utility hooks, to attach to track

(2) Supplied with short and long poles, dual-ball swivel, and GoPro adapter and screw.

Hanging Bag

The Hanging Bag is a very convenient and useful way to store things you want close at hand, while not being in the way. I keep an air horn, sunscreen, shears, lip grabber and other things in mine. 

There are two rows of pockets in the front and another row in the back. I use the back pockets to store the boat regiatration, my fishing license, and my drivers license, in a waterproof baggy.

The bag comes with grommets installed at the upper corner, two small carabiners, and two utility hooks, ready to clip onto your BixFish track.

GoPro Camera Track Mount

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The GoPro Camera mount provides a flexible system for positioning a GoPro camera on the BixFish track.

It comes with a long pole and a short one for greater stability. The pole is easily removed from the track mount to use the camera as a selfie or underwater camera.

Also included is a two-ball swivel head, a GoPro adapter with a bubble level and a GoPro screw. Not included are a GoPro Housing or a GoPro camera.



Hooks and Anchors

Three different inexpensive accessories are available for hanging or attaching things to the track.

The Utility hooks and anchors are useful for light loads. The heavy duty anchor can withstand more than a 50 lb load in any direction.

Utility Hooks
Utility Anchors
Heavy Duty Anchors

Drink Holders

Two different products to hold your drink are available.

The Scotty 310 Adapter allows your Scotty 310 drink holder to be mounted on the BixFish track. Note that the Scotty 310 is not itself included.

The Universal Drink Holder holds cans, bottles, and travel mugs more securely than the Scotty 310, and is more versitile than the Travel Mug Holder.

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Scotty 310 Drink Holder Adapter
Drinks Holder

Radio Holder

The Radio Holder postions a marine VHF or a Family Radio Service (FRS) radio close at hand,  easy to remove and use. It has two faces, one best for radios with a rotating clip with a spring, and the other for radios with a fixed clip.

The radio can be adjusted to any angle by loosening the screw accessed from the side, rotating the holder, and then securing the screw.

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